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I've been working to solidify the idea for my personal project. While cataloguing "Vaughan's Voyages" (1760) last week I was struck by the geographical footnotes, among other things. I wanted to try to incorporate geography and mapping into my personal project, if possible, so this ended up being a great jumping off point for me in developing my project idea and starting to think about research questions. What is the significance of referential vs. fictional geographical locations in footnotes? What is the relationship between locations in footnotes and locations on title pages, if they coexist? How does this related to locations within the text? What can we say about novels with respect to their incorporation of international/national/provincial locations? I still need to do some more planning and brainstorming to refine these research questions and create others. My project idea is still a work in progress, but I feel good having decided on a topic! In planning my project I have since become our group's "footnote person" and I will eagerly take on this role. My assigned project will be transcribing the vast number of footnotes we have compiled in our flickr footnote album. My wrists and I are excited to start typing!