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Project Proposal

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(typing this for the second time because known doesn't like me ;;)

While cataloging over the last few days, what really caught my eye were the advertisements innocuously hiding in the backs of the novels. Specifically, the advertisements that were unrelated to the publisher or the printer hawking other works that had passed through their hands and that instead were trying to sell other things were fascinating. Businesses must have been assuming certain characteristics about the readership of that particular novel, in order to effectively market products that would fulfill the average reader's everyday wants and needs. Could there be a correlation between a novel (and its assumed audience) and the type of ads included? I am interested in answering this sort of question.

I am, however, not entirely certain what methodology I want to use, since different methods will present different facets of the same question. As I am looking to analyze customer data (which I have been told END has compiled), perhaps Google Fusion could be helpful. The network graphs would provide a simple and clear visual representation. I am still holding on to a flame of hope that I could spin this project with a creative (artsy?) slant, but I suppose that depends largely on time constraints and viability.