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Project write-up

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This week I have been continuing to work my way through the secondary sources that I already have. Raven's "The book as a commodity" has been incredibly helpful when it comes to placing the novel in the market as a luxury good, as well as elaborating on the advertising techniques used by publishers in order to promote the sale of books to the gentry and middling classes and as an effective analysis of the bookselling industry altogether. The possession of books as not only material wealth but as a sign of status is an interesting point to consider. The first two chapters of Berg's "Luxury and Pleasure in 18th Century Britain" give some concrete information about the income strata that differentiates the gentry and middling classes. Berg also brings up some fascinating points about advertising itself becoming an object of consumption (i.e. the collectible nature of trade cards). I have also called books through Aeon, though I have not had a chance to retrieve them yet and will thus do so next week. I think my next steps are, concretely, to retrieve the books on my list to take pictures of the advertisements that I am interested in and, less concretely, to look for more secondary sources. I don't think that the sources I have now are discussing exactly what I need. I'd like to find more sources that talk about in-book advertisements, ideally. As for presentation, I think I would like to use Scalar as the preferred method. The workshop from the conference was enlightening.