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Bryn Mwar Trip

3 min read

Friends’ Asylum: Data Visualization

  • Quaker patients in a Friends’ Asylum
  • Data Visualization on patients from 1800s
  • Positions: Wage Earner, Wife of Wage Earner, Daughter of Wage Earner, etc
  • Occupation: Lawyers, Teachers, Laborers, etc
  • There were a lot of teachers in the Asylum
  • Mania was the most common mental illness
  • It was an Asylum for people who didn’t have faith in the Quakers. Sent them there to regain their faith.
  • Website: (very neat and organized, perhaps useful inspiration for creating my own website to display my project)

Beyond Penn’s Treaty: Website

  • Updating pre-existing website about the history of Quakers when in contact with Native Indians
  • Digitization of manuscript on those travelers and story map
  • Simplified links and added story maps with images of Manuscript
    • John Clark’s Journey
  • Map of Travelers and the locations they visited
  • Clicking on those location markers directs the reader to the manuscript and its history
  • My thoughts: Maybe I should make my own website with info on the text and history (Story Map). Useful for linking a visualization of the data with informational text.

Modeling the Past: An Object-oriented approach to the history of women in science

  • VR of an old chemistry room where women studied in science
  • The VR is meant to show an understanding of how women practiced biology (like a virtual tour of ancient places)
  • Unity 3D, Sketchup, HTML, CSS, and PHP

Racial Reception of Anime

  • Anime was very popular in the black community
  • Black Childhood: Karate movies, Dragon Ball Z, etc
  • These forms of eastern entertainment inspired rappers
  • Themes: Fighting and masculinity resonate with young black men
  • Opposed to white community where anime is mocked and parodied

Speech-to-Text for Accessibility

  • Accessibility in education system. Used as an asset to any students benefiting from this.
  • Lecturer speakers (node.js) > The Speech is streamed to Microsoft transcription server (node.js) > Text is returned in 5-10 second chunks and sent to a Google sheet where each chunk is written to a new line (node.js) > A student logs in to a web portal to view the text in real time!
  • Interesting and rather difficult project considering that the technology would have to account for each professor’s accent, dialect and pronunciation. Why Google Sheets and not Google Docs?

Change & Continuity in Muhlenberg’s Theatre History

  • Digital Timeline of physical documents of theatre (yearbooks and plays)
  • First play written by them (written on a lemon shaped book): The story of a Bunch of Lemons or a Green Pot of Paint (Not a very serious play but funny)
  • The Yearbook includes humorous descriptions of each member such as their apparent skill with a sword (in a play)
  • Method (Structured):
    • Timeline JS: Story Map
    • Google Sheets displaying the text such as the subject and the heading and the text
    • Media Column links to Zenfolio with pictures
    • Copy and paste URL of Google Sheets into Timeline JS

Digital Gamelan Learning

  • Digital Exhibition Website of Gamelan Gongs
  • Can play the instrument on the website