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Ina's Reflection

2 min read

I noticed that many of the projects have their own website to display their research and data. The Friends’ Asylum Project had a website dedicated to the Asylum and its patients. It was very neat and organized with separate subpages for the projects, data visualisation, patient profiles and even the Quaker theology. This inspired me to want to create my own website so that my own data and research are not so scattered and so that I can more clearly see the progress I made. There were also another projects focused around Storymaps. The Beyond Penn’s Treaty project had a website with a map containing the locations visited by travelers with a link to a separate page that has a digital exhibition of the manuscript and its history. Perhaps I can do a storymap of one of the adventure novels along with the locations being linked to the page they are mentioned and perhaps the history of the location during the 18th century in relation to England. The Peer Workshop provided me with some useful feedback about my project such as focusing on Defoe then expanding on that so that there is a comparison between Defoe and nonfiction travel literature. They also pointed out that I could add a link to the locations on the map redirecting the user to a page about England’s relation with that place, or maybe just a brief history of that place.