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Ina's Reflection

2 min read

I noticed that many of the projects have their own website to display their research and data. The Friends’ Asylum Project had a website dedicated to the Asylum and its patients. It was very neat and organized with separate subpages for the projects, data visualisation, patient profiles and even the Quaker theology. This inspired me to want to create my own website so that my own data and research are not so scattered and so that I can more clearly see the progress I made. There were also another projects focused around Storymaps. The Beyond Penn’s Treaty project had a website with a map containing the locations visited by travelers with a link to a separate page that has a digital exhibition of the manuscript and its history. Perhaps I can do a storymap of one of the adventure novels along with the locations being linked to the page they are mentioned and perhaps the history of the location during the 18th century in relation to England. The Peer Workshop provided me with some useful feedback about my project such as focusing on Defoe then expanding on that so that there is a comparison between Defoe and nonfiction travel literature. They also pointed out that I could add a link to the locations on the map redirecting the user to a page about England’s relation with that place, or maybe just a brief history of that place.

Bryn Mwar Trip

3 min read

Friends’ Asylum: Data Visualization

  • Quaker patients in a Friends’ Asylum
  • Data Visualization on patients from 1800s
  • Positions: Wage Earner, Wife of Wage Earner, Daughter of Wage Earner, etc
  • Occupation: Lawyers, Teachers, Laborers, etc
  • There were a lot of teachers in the Asylum
  • Mania was the most common mental illness
  • It was an Asylum for people who didn’t have faith in the Quakers. Sent them there to regain their faith.
  • Website: (very neat and organized, perhaps useful inspiration for creating my own website to display my project)

Beyond Penn’s Treaty: Website

  • Updating pre-existing website about the history of Quakers when in contact with Native Indians
  • Digitization of manuscript on those travelers and story map
  • Simplified links and added story maps with images of Manuscript
    • John Clark’s Journey
  • Map of Travelers and the locations they visited
  • Clicking on those location markers directs the reader to the manuscript and its history
  • My thoughts: Maybe I should make my own website with info on the text and history (Story Map). Useful for linking a visualization of the data with informational text.

Modeling the Past: An Object-oriented approach to the history of women in science

  • VR of an old chemistry room where women studied in science
  • The VR is meant to show an understanding of how women practiced biology (like a virtual tour of ancient places)
  • Unity 3D, Sketchup, HTML, CSS, and PHP

Racial Reception of Anime

  • Anime was very popular in the black community
  • Black Childhood: Karate movies, Dragon Ball Z, etc
  • These forms of eastern entertainment inspired rappers
  • Themes: Fighting and masculinity resonate with young black men
  • Opposed to white community where anime is mocked and parodied

Speech-to-Text for Accessibility

  • Accessibility in education system. Used as an asset to any students benefiting from this.
  • Lecturer speakers (node.js) > The Speech is streamed to Microsoft transcription server (node.js) > Text is returned in 5-10 second chunks and sent to a Google sheet where each chunk is written to a new line (node.js) > A student logs in to a web portal to view the text in real time!
  • Interesting and rather difficult project considering that the technology would have to account for each professor’s accent, dialect and pronunciation. Why Google Sheets and not Google Docs?

Change & Continuity in Muhlenberg’s Theatre History

  • Digital Timeline of physical documents of theatre (yearbooks and plays)
  • First play written by them (written on a lemon shaped book): The story of a Bunch of Lemons or a Green Pot of Paint (Not a very serious play but funny)
  • The Yearbook includes humorous descriptions of each member such as their apparent skill with a sword (in a play)
  • Method (Structured):
    • Timeline JS: Story Map
    • Google Sheets displaying the text such as the subject and the heading and the text
    • Media Column links to Zenfolio with pictures
    • Copy and paste URL of Google Sheets into Timeline JS

Digital Gamelan Learning

  • Digital Exhibition Website of Gamelan Gongs
  • Can play the instrument on the website